Bike on Rent In Goa

The best way to roam around in Goa is to rent a bike (geared / non-geared) and travel to enjoy the scenic beauty to the fullest.  As the natural beauty of Goa is everywhere and one cannot miss it while driving too.

How to rent a bike in Goa

Here are some of the points one should keep in mind before taking bike on rent in Goa (India)

  • Look out for sign boards mainly in cities or contact your hotel receptionist.
  • Documents required : You’ll need photocopy/xerox copy of your driving licence to the person from whom you are renting a bike. Also one need to fill the form with your address and contact details about your stay in Goa.
  • Bargain!! :If you have good patience, you can nargain a lot for the rent. Rent depends on time of the year (peak or off season), type of bike (geared, non-geared,En-field), Indian or Foreigner… etc.
  • Advance : Need to pay advance based on relationship you have developed or source through which you have landed. But one need to pay at-least 50 % in advance.
  • First Thing First : Don’t forget to take test ride of min 1 km to check the condition of the bike.
  • Safety : One cannot drive in Goa without helmet (except in cities which, very difficult to know their boundries but!). So always ask for Helmet and if you are driving pillion, one for him too.
  • Caution : Finally, before you take bike, check that the bike is exclusively meant for tourist visitors only.   Very simple to find,  registration number plate with “Black” background and “Yellow” color letters.
  • Driving: You need to fill fuel. Carry driving license (International will also do!)  and receipt of bike hire.
  • Remember : Take care while driving in Goa. Accident rates are very high in Goa. Drive carefully. Dont drink and drive. Carry map always… GPS wont help you.


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